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Journal of Instrumentation

Publisher: IOP Publishing | Society or Institution: SISSA | eISSN: 1748-0221Subject areas: Visit Publisher homepageVisit journal homepageView author guidelinesView aims and scope

JINST covers major areas related to concepts and instrumentation in detector physics, accelerator science and associated experimental methods and techniques, theory, modelling and simulations. The main subject areas include: Accelerators: concepts, modelling, simulations and sources Instrumentation and hardware for accelerators: particles, synchrotron radiation, neutrons Detector physics: concepts, processes, methods, modelling and simulations Detectors, apparatus and methods for particle, astroparticle, nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics Instrumentation and methods for plasma research Methods and apparatus for astronomy and astrophysics Detectors, methods and apparatus for biomedical applications, life sciences and material research Instrumentation and techniques for medical imaging, diagnostics and therapy Instrumentation and techniques for dosimetry, monitoring and radiation damage Detectors, instrumentation and methods for non-destructive tests (NDT) Detector readout concepts, electronics and data acquisition methods Algorithms, software and data reduction methods Materials and associated technologies, etc. Engineering and technical issues.

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